Our Story

Starting Rethink FITNESS was something I wanted to do for a while but was afraid to. While in the process of getting things set and ready for the launch date, I still had this heavy feeling over me that it would not work out. 

Fitness and being healthy is a lifestyle change that is important to me. About 5/6 years ago I started this journey of wanting to lose weight and I lost over 40 pounds. But you know what, sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes you may have to take a pause or even start over. This is where I am now!
But, the difference between back then and now, is that back then my focus was just losing weight by any means necessary, and I never focused on eating healthier and making this journey a LIFESTYLE Change. In my head I would always say "I need to be skinny no matter what". 

Now it's 2019, and my focus has change. I had to Rethink the way I thought about fitness. It's more than just working out everyday. It's also about what I put into my body as well. Fitness, is now apart of who I AM. I see progress everyday and it pushes me to do more everyday and to be the best version of myself. 

When it comes to working out, wearing athleisure always boost my mood and energy levels. It gives me an extra umph of confidence... And who doesn't love to look good when working out? I know I do 🤗. 
With Rethink FITNESS, you can find not only athletic apparel, but accessories to Boost your energy and Self-Confidence as you Rethink your FITNESS goals!! We all love to feel and look our best when working out!

Founder: Rebekah Charles